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The Kirk/Spock Audiobook Community

Welcome to ks_audiofic. This is a community for Star Trek audio books and podcasts that are solely K/S.


  • All audio books or podcasts must be Kirk/Spock. It can include other pairings, but K/S must be the primary pairing.
  • Before posting, it is good etiquette for a reader to get permission from the story's author first. If you don't and an author requests for it to be taken down, a moderator will automatically delete the entry, no questions asked.
  • The story can include outside audio such as songs or audio from the show/movies, but try to keep them short and no more than one or two a file. This rule only precludes inserting full music tracks in your files; using 'ambient' music while you read it all right.
  • All entries must be tagged. All readers will have their own tag. If you are a new reader, use the '!new author' tag so a mod can make a tag for you. Some of the suggested tags are genre, universe, rating, and story length.
  • If you are uploading the file to a temporary file server (i.e. sendspace, megaupload, mediafire, etc.) please keep the link fresh as a courtesy to others.
  • All entries must have at least these items in its posting format:

Story title:
Story author:
Read by:
Format: (.mp3, .m4a, etc.)
Approximate length: (by minutes, not file size)

general_jinjur's audiofic website welcomes people to submit their audiofics permanent hosting. There is also a wonderful guide for creating an audiofic here. There are even more tutorials listed here as well. I highly recommend reading one if you're a novice and would like some pointers.

A free audio file converter is available here, and it works great.

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